DomesticGoddessGraffiti is the freestyle blog of newly retired Navy wife and career stay-at-home mom Andrea. The content shared here provides simple, relatable and easy to implement hints and tips that will amplify the way any stay-at-home parent does business.  Offering stellar, practical advice on a wide range of topics along with reviews of services and products, Andrea’s goal is to help cut the static out of your everyday routine, thereby freeing up your valuable time, enabling you to focus on family & fun!

~ Meet Andrea~

 Hi All and Thanks So Much for stopping by!

 I’m Andrea and I decided to start writing after my husband retired from the Navy last year and we embarked on this new chapter of our lives, being civilians! What better way to share 20 years of life experience as a stay at home wife and mom  than this awesome medium called a blog?! Living a military lifestyle for all of my adult life has afforded me a unique perspective when it comes to setting up a home (I’ve lived at  over a dozen addresses), travel (I have driven cross country 3 times),  parenting (kids are teens now, but were little once!), budgeting (I have been handling the family budget for 20 years), and recreation (our RV has been used for many fun family vacations along with temporary housing at times between homes!), along with a wide range of other topics.  Navigating civilian life is a new interesting adventure in which I am looking forward to meeting the demands of and rocking!

Retired Navy Wife~New Civilian~Mom of Teens~Dog Lover~Walking Enthusiast~RV Lifestyle Aficionado~Moving Expert